December 27, 2013

Thirteen in '13

Being the survey junky I am, I could't pass up the opportunity to join in on this adorable linky party. I'm linking up with A Teeny Tiny Teacher, Dragonflies in First, and Miss Kindergarten

I have a two pair of black skinny jeans from Target. I never in a million years thought I could love a pair of jeans so much. They are flattering, versatile, and comfortable. Here's to stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something you didn't think you'd like!
I think Hunger Games: Catching Fire is the ONLY movie I saw in 2013. At least in the theater. So, I guess that wins by default (and I really liked it). 
I'm having a really hard time choosing between Dexter and Orange is the New Black. I discovered and devoured both shows this year and loved them both. I guess I'll go with Dexter just because it had so many more seasons to offer.
Joy Yee Noodles is my new favorite. My dear friend, Sunny, was super excited to introduce us to more authentic Asian cuisine and took us there for dinner a few weeks ago. Everything we tried was absolutely delicious, and I am in love with the fresh fruit freezes with the tapioca balls, or squishy balls, as I call them. 
Being a teaching assistant. The pay is worse than terrible, but this job is also very rewarding. I love that I get to have the fun part of developing relationships with students without the pressure of their academic progress falling solely on my shoulders. I don't have to plan, grade, conference with parents, be the primary disciplinarian, etc. And best of all, I get to leave at 3:00!
Moving back to Chicago. I say this qualifies for a gift because my parents have given us a home while we search for better job opportunities. We're so blessed to have the gift of their support.
I've actually been less of a pinner in 2013. The only thing I can think of that I for-sure tried this year for the first time was the Pesto Ranch Crock Pot Chicken
My favorite post, because I've seen how many people have adopted this idea, is my post about classroom management apps. Specifically, I discussed my idea to use a Wheel of Rewards to reinforce positive behavior.
This is going to seem so novice to many of you, but I'm seriously SO proud of myself for making a 40-page novel study packet for my TPT store. I love teaching A Christmas Carol and feel really good about being able to share some of my activities with others. It was a LOT of work to put this together, but it also felt really good to be productive and be able to make a little extra cash on the side.

There's nothing like a beautiful late summer/early autumn night in Chicago with friends. We saw an awesome band and got our first professional shot! Ha! I actually had to steal it from Facebook because pretty much all my pictures are gone. I thought they were safe on iCloud, but I obviously did something wrong there.
Spring Break 2013 in Destin, Florida. What I wouldn't give to be on that white sand right now! (Oh how I wish I hadn't lost those pics!)
To find a full-time teaching job in my forever-school. Is that asking too much? I'm just SO tired of the application process and want to be done once and for all!
I think my word for 2014 should be "Kind." I want to remember that it's more important to be kind than right. And I am still learning to be kind to myself. Although I think this will be a lifelong battle, I would like to make some progress toward it. 


  1. Being a teachers assistant would be perfect for me--glad you are enjoying it. Best of luck getting a full-time position : )

    ~Lucy Kids Math Teacher

  2. You were in Destin? I live about 30 minutes from there in PCB! Isn't the water just BEAUTIFUL? I will keep happy thoughts for you to find your forever school!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Oh, that stinks about your pictures. But the one you "stole" is nice :)
    Have a great new year!