January 16, 2014

A Day in My Life LInky

I love a good linky party, and this one was all over my Bloglovin' newsfeed, so I had to join in the fun!

As a teaching assistant, I don't have any prep time or team meetings in my day, so I go with the students to the "Encore" classes during those times. You may also notice that I don't have a math class. I did earlier in the year, but one of my kiddos got switched to a functional math class, so we had to change my schedule to support her. 

That also explains why I have Design & Modeling, an Encore class, at the end of the day... to support her. That's actually a 7th grade class, but this worked in her schedule. The nice thing is that we get about 15 minutes after science before Design & Modeling begins. We use this time to hang out in the sensory room (there's a swing hanging from the ceiling that the kids LOVE) or go to the library to work on her homework. It's a nice little break in our day... when no one is fighting for that swing! 

Our Wednesday schedule is slightly different because we have a late-start so teachers can do their meetings. We start at 8:20 on those days but still get out at 3:00, so everything's a little shorter. My only complaint is that my lunch isn't until about 1:00, and I'm always ready to eat my own arm by then!

I love the kids in my classes and the teachers I work with this quarter. No complaints from this girl! :)

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  1. What an interesting schedule! I love reading how other teachers spend their days :) I love the sensory room.. I think I'd like that swing, too :) Thanks for letting me be a follower and linking up so I could read about your day!