January 12, 2014


One of the downsides to not doing any lesson planning this year is that I don't really have a reason to link up with Jennifer for her Peek at My Week linky party. This week, however, I have an exciting teaser for you all!

My sweet friend, Susan, at Middle School OCD and I have partnered up for a HUGE giveaway to celebrate the fact that both of us have met the 300 follower milestone! I still remember how excited I was when my number of followers reached double-digits, so to think I've climbed past 300 is simply incredible.

We've teamed up with 10 of our best bloggy buddies for a Favorite Childhood Teacher giveaway.

You're definitely going to want to come back on Saturday to participate in BOTH of our giveaways.

Yes, you read that right. We have TWO HUGE giveaway packs! And these are good packs, guys! We're hosting an "everybody wins" scavenger hunt AND a grand prize drawing. Everyone gets a goodie bag at this party!

The products in this giveaway are amazing and diverse. There's something for everyone. Some of our generous donations have been sitting in my TPT wishlist for a while, some haven't even been released yet, and we're even including a package of goodies. Who doesn't love to receive mail!

The party runs Saturday-Monday because this party is so big it needs a 3-day weekend. I can't wait!!