January 17, 2014

Favorite Teacher Giveaway: Everybody Wins!

Woohoo! The day is finally here! Susan and I are super excited to be hosting TWO amazing Rafflecopter drawings for our 300-follower giveaway! This whole blogging thing has impacted my life in ways I never expected, and I feel super blessed to have met so many fabulous teachers across the world through this medium. It's incredible, really.

Speaking of fabulous teachers, Susan and I have teamed up with 10 of our favorite teacher bloggers for these giveaways to bring you some of our favorite products and to tell you a bit about the teachers that influenced our lives.

My Favorite Teacher:
I have to be honest, I've had many fabulous teachers over the years, which made it nearly impossible to choose just one favorite. After careful consideration, though, I decided to give this honor to the one who has had the most influence on my teaching, my high school German teacher, Frau Strohm. I was lucky enough to be Frau's (which is what we called her) student for four years and even changed my schedule one year when I was upset that I wasn't in her class. During my senior year, I volunteered one period a day as a peer tutor in her German 1 class, and, though I didn't realize it at the time, being her assistant was really my first taste of teaching. Frau taught me all about my family's culture through classes and the German Club. She forced me eat pork during my "I don't eat pig!" phase so I could participate in the exchange program, an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

When I was in grad school getting my teaching certificate, I was pleasantly surprised to learn how much I already knew about best practices in classroom management because Frau incorporated them seamlessly in her classroom. I didn't need to attend a Kagan training to learn about pairing up high-achieving and struggling students because that was the norm for me. She also taught me how to set clear expectations, how to transition from one activity to the next, and how to incorporate a variety of learning styles in a limited amount of time. I learned how much better students accept "quality time" versus a detention as well as the importance of assigning consequences without attaching any emotion. 

As you can see, Frau Strohm has certainly been more than just another teacher to me. I can't imagine how different my whole high school career would have been had I not been in her classes. I'm forever grateful for her mentoring and encouragement, which she still provides consistently!

OK... so what do you do with this information? You click on my name in the first rafflecopter below and write "Strohm" on the line as evidence that you've read all about my favorite teacher. Yes, this is the Favorite Teacher Scavenger Hunt Giveaway where EVERYONE'S A WINNER! To play, you need to visit each donor's website (direct links included on the Rafflecopter) and report back about their favorite teachers. We hope you will be inspired by the stories of our favorite teachers and then be super excited about our awesome prize packs, including my BRAND NEW, NOT YET RELEASED Cupid Shuffle ELA scoot activity, just in time for Valentine's Day! It includes a cute short story about a first crush in fifth grade and includes 28 multiple-choice questions about the text to be completed as a scoot (similar to musical chairs). Our prize pack includes more than 15 fabulous products from all the amazing teachers you see below!

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Our second raffle is the Grand Prize Giveaway. This prize pack includes more than 20 amazing products, a $10 Starbucks card, $20 in TPT gift certificates, AND a package of goodies from New Zealand because everyone loves getting a fun package in the mail! There's no trick to this giveaway; we're just asking you to follow along. The more entries you unlock, the better your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck to you all, and thanks for playing along!


  1. So exciting! Thank you for doing this with me! I never would have been brave enough to do this without you!

  2. but i think teacher should have enough knowage about how to be a good teacher .

  3. Sounds like Frau Strohm was a fabulous teacher. So...do you still speak German? I took three years of Spanish and don't remember a lick of it....except the very basics. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your fabulous giveaway! I heart you! XOOX
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'