January 27, 2014

Finally, A Leader Who Values Educators

If you haven't read this article by former North Carolina Governor, Jim Hunt, I urge you to check it out. His is the mentality our leaders need to have about educators, and I sincerely hope other states pay attention to this message.

In a nutshell, he shares his belief that teacher salaries need to increase. He then discusses how his state did this back in the 90s with great success. Teacher salaries increased more than one-third, skyrocketing them to the top 20 in the nation from number 42, and student scores rose with the salaries. Imagine that!!

When I'm reminded how much money I would be making right now had I stayed in my first career, I honestly feel sick to my stomach. I'm infinitely happier as a teacher (despite my employment woes), but the gap in salary is just comical. For a job that occupies my mind 24/7 (seriously... I don't think I EVER stop. Everything is a potential lesson plan, management technique, classroom decoration, etc.), my income is pretty pathetic, and I don't mean just my current situation. I could say the same from my full-time jobs as well.

I'm glad I saw this on Upworthy and sincerely hope the message makes its way to the powers-that-be. We, as a society, need to start treating educators like they're valuable. After all, we're shaping future generations... you'd think that would be seen as a little important!


  1. Sadly, those salary numbers are inflated in certain areas. I'm in my 26th year WITH a Master's Degree, and I'm not close to $51K.

  2. I took a FOURTEEN grand pay cut just by moving to another county in Florida....what was I thinking? Lol!
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