January 31, 2014

How Well Do You Think You Know Me?

January is officially over (okay... it will be in one more hour), and I hope it takes its polar vortex with it. I have to admit that I was actually kinda looking forward to winter this year after not seeing any snow last year while we were in Louisiana. I guess I got what I wanted... and then some. I've had enough cold and snow to hold me over for the next decade thank-you-very-much. I really hope February has better things in store for Chicago.

I'm linking up with Farley for her Currently linky. This is one party I never miss... although I will admit that I'm sometimes fashionably late! Due to the fact that Joel and I canceled our plans for the weekend (We're expecting 9+ inches of snow today), I am right on time for this post!

Most of my responses are pretty self-explanatory, so I'll just touch on the couple that need a little explanation. First of all, If you have a Netflix account and love to laugh, you NEED to watch An Idiot Abroad. My mom has been watching this for a couple weeks and talking about it non stop. I've seen a few clips but didn't sit down and watch a full episode until tonight (don't judge my boring weekend... we're getting 9+ inches of snow, and I'm not tryin' to drive around in that). Seriously, my cheeks and throat were HURTING from laughing so hard. I even had tears in my eyes. It's good stuff! Here's a clip so you can see for yourself:

Okay... my 2 truths and a fib:

1. My dream job IS to be a talk show host. This was a dream that started way back in 7th grade from my ELA teacher. I even chose my college and major (media communications) based on my intention to intern at Harpo Studios so I could take over as the next Oprah when she retired. I still can't imagine a better job than getting paid to talk to people all day. I love hearing peoples' stories and discussing hot topics. I guess this is why building relationships with my students is my favorite component of teaching.

2. I AM currently obsessed with coconut oil. I finally caved in and asked Joel to pick up a jar after reading a million and one uses for it on Pinterest. As it turns out... I LOVE it! I use it as a deep conditioner in my hair, skin (even face) moisturizer, shaving cream, first-aid on cuts, mouthwash, and even in cooking. It's like magic in a jar! Any time anything goes wrong, Joel jokes that I can probably use coconut oil to fix it... but he's right! :)

3. This was kinda a trick, but I guess that's part of a fib rather than an outright lie. I am obsessed with all monkeys and apes. I love them. I want to hold them and squeeze them and play with them. They're just so human-like I can't get over it. I could spend all day watching them. BUT I know they're not very good house pets, so I don't really want one. Joel's cousin has a monkey, so I got to go see her... that was good enough for me. I'm too OCD to have any animal that throws poop. haha!


  1. ok the whole time I was thinking...does she know they throw poop... and then you admitted to knowing it... so I was relieved...
    thanks for linking up
    I say focus on the talk show thing and stay away from the poop throwers

  2. Ugh we're getting over 9 inches of snow too. Are you also in IL? I feel like you are, but I can't remember if it's you or not lol.

    I don't want another snow day because our superintendent told us we have to make all of them up (sometimes, we don't have to make up any over 5), so I'm like, "No more snow days!"

  3. Your rant on coconut oil made me giggle, I guess I better check it out! You're making me think I'm missing out on something amazing!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  4. I was looking for a new show to watch--- almost done with Dexter. I will look into this one!

  5. I love coconut oil, use it on my face. Greasy at first but so much better than lotions that make me break out, besides now I look 10 years younger (ha!)! Stay warm! I am going to have to watch that show now....

  6. Jerm's mom got a Furreal Animal...the monkey girl. I can't even stand how cute it is....I was holding it like a baby last night and talking to it. She was going to let me take it home to babysit, but I let her stay at her own home. Seriously...Walmart has them for $59. At least look it up!
    I'm off to go help do some more moving.

  7. Okay secretely I want another snow day as well. I know it messes things up and we have to shovel but I still want one, maybe catch up on a few house things.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Ms. Jones' Jungle

  8. Definitely going to check into the Netflix show! I've been hooked on all the BBC dramas... time for some laughs! Please say it ain't so, those nine inches! If you are receiving them we won't be far behind! ARGH! No more snow days! I NEVER THOUGHT THOSE WORDS WOULD COME FROM MY MOUTH! :)

  9. I need a new Netflix show, I'll have to check it out! I don't want any more snow days either, I'm so far behind. That's awesome that you want to be a talk show host. Maybe someday... You can share the teacher viewpoint!

    Literacy Spark

  10. 1. I, too, have ALWAYS wanted to be a talk show host. Talking to people all day and getting paid for it? Sign me up!
    2. I love coconut oil too. I use it on my hair once a week. Have been contemplating using it on my face and teeth too! Shave gel?? Genius!