January 24, 2014


Anyone else feel like this on some Friday afternoons???

I promise I love my students. I really do. Each and every one of them. But after two long days of testing, this "short" week felt longer than ever (isn't that always the way it goes?). I mean, how many times do we have to tell our students to stop talking, amirite?!

1. Since there wasn't any school on Monday, I got to hang out with two of my old neighbor friends and their babies all afternoon. We had a great lunch together and just spent time talking and catching up. I miss all of us living on the same street, but I'm so glad we still make an effort to hang out when we can. Also... I got to hold a baby all afternoon!

2. Susan and I finished up our big 300-follower giveaways. Despite the fact that it was a TON of work, I actually enjoyed putting this together and am thrilled to have already met so many new bloggy friends through this project!

3. I uploaded a new product to my TPT store for Valentine's Day. The Cupid Shuffle Close Reading & Scoot Activity is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday in a middle school ELA classroom.

4. Two days of testing all morning meant that I got to spend some quality time with my OverDrive app listening to Room, which I've just about finished. Um... you need to get this book ASAP! Seriously! I also finally got a public library card, which added hundreds of e-books and audiobooks for me to read on this app. I LOVE it!

5. I also worked with my SPED facilitator to alter my schedule a bit, allowing me to be in a class where I can use a computer every day. The purpose for this is so that I can modify the new curriculum for the Design & Modeling class. All of the TA's have been doing this on their own time at night, and let's just be honest... we don't get paid enough to give up our free time for these things. It's not even in our job description. I volunteered to "take one for the team" and modify the rest of the semester's assignments. Hopefully, administration will take note, and this will get me on their good graces for any job openings next year.

Tonight, Joel and I are joining some friends at Feed My Starving Children to do some volunteer work for a friend's birthday. If you're one of my original 7 followers, you may recall that we took our students there several years ago for a service field trip. I'm actually really excited that we're doing this again tonight and think it's a great way to celebrate a birthday!

Other than that, I'm holding out hope for an extra long weekend due to the cold headed our way. I really want to keep this no-school-on-Mondays-since-before-winter-break streak alive. C'mon, Mother Nature!


  1. Your gifs are perfect! I generally feel that way every day I leave school...and seriously I want to just post the other one during testing. I don't understand how the concept of silence becomes such a battle. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. It's the WEEKEND....SO HAPPY! Sometimes I wonder if I'm speaking a different language!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'