February 28, 2014

Five Funnies for Friday

I love to share kid quotes and don't feel like I do it nearly enough. Instead of telling you what I've already mentioned in my posts this week, I want to use my Five for Friday as a way to share some of my favorite quotes from my students during the week!

#1 Background: We've moved on to studying Asia in social studies, and spent this week exploring the geography. With this, came a conversation about the differences in North and South Korea, and students began asking why South Koreans can't go to North Korea.

Teacher: Remember when we talked about North Korea being a communist country earlier this year? Who was the basketball player who traveled there?

Student: Barack Obama!!!

#2 Background: J is the student with whom I spend the majority of my day. She exhibits many behaviors that look like autism and has selective mutism. 99% of the time, she's the sweetest girl in the world and will tell you we're "best buds!" Apparently, this fact was lost on her peer, C, who claimed (in the middle of health class) that she's my favorite student. When J heard this, she instantly and loudly responded...

J: No way, Jose! I'm Miss L's favorite student.

C: No, I am!

J: No, I'm her princess!!!

I died laughing. I should also mention that I call her princess all the time because she loves all things pink and girly. This most amazing part of all is that this is the same girl who will not consistently speak to anyone but me, so I was actually proud of her for sticking up for herself! We laughed about this all week!

#3 Background: We're still making our way through the vertebrates in science, and did some reading about birds. We were discussing the different types of feathers and how different birds have different needs because of their habitats. 

Student: Don't some penguins fly?

Teacher: Not that I'm aware of. I think maybe they glide a little bit, but they're too heavy to fly.

Student: But I saw it on Happy Feet!

Teacher: You do realize that's a cartoon, right?

#4 Background: 6th grade has the last lunch in my building, so students are allowed to bring a snack to eat during 3rd period.

Teacher: Why does it smell like food in here?

Student: It's eggs and bacon.

Teacher: What do you mean it's eggs and bacon? Why would you think that?

Student: Because it's in my bag.

Teacher: What are you talking about?

At this point, the student revealed a sandwich baggie in which there was a smashed scrambled egg and bacon concoction.

Teacher: How are you planning to eat that? Do you even have a fork?

Student: I have my ways!

Teacher: Maybe we need to redefine the word snack!

#5 Background: Talking to a 6th grader (not on my team) in the hallway about a book she was supposed to be reading.

Me: I promise it's a good book. I wouldn't lie to you. As an ELA teacher, it's my job to teach you to love reading.

Student: Is that what ELA is for?

Me: What did you think it was?

Student: I don't know. Just a filler class.

Me: Um.... no. We teach you about reading, writing, grammar... hence the name, English Language Arts.

Student: I never knew that's what it meant!

Me: Awesome. I'll be sure to pass that on to your ELA teacher! haha


  1. I'm totally cracking up! I needed this! I should start writing things that my lovies say!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. This was hilarious, sometimes I think I should bring a tape recorder and just record what they say. This week we did our second round of TELPAS and students have to write their ELA teachers name on a line, I always just call it English class and the students were so confused, it seems no one knows what ELA stands for.

  3. My middle schoolers say some pretty funny things too - but not nearly as appropriate or as cute as yours!!