March 12, 2014

Lovin' It & Over It

I've been meaning to link up with this cute, quick linky by Ali at Teaching (Powered by Caffeine) since I first saw it in my feed, and I'm glad to finally getting around to participating!

The purpose of this linky is to share the things we're currently loving and wishing would go away, and this is great for me because I'm always full of opinions and willing to share!

I'm lovin' these Buzzfeed and Zimbio quizzes on Facebook recently. It's my new guilty pleasure. I know they're dumb, but I still have to know the results. And sometimes I change my answers if I don't like the results. Whatever. Judge if you must!

Yesterday, a friend from college posted his poll results that Justin Timberlake is his celebrity boyfriend. Out of pure jealousy, I immediately started the quiz myself, and would you just LOOK at my result?! 

He can keep Justin. I'm happy with this upgrade!

I'm lovin' the Starbucks gift cards I've been hoarding since Christmas. I've needed the extra caffeine in my life this week, so it's nice to be able to treat myself without going broke!

I'm lovin' the 50-degree weather we had Monday and are expecting again Friday. I know all you Southerners think we're crazy wearing shorts, skirts, and flip flops and for driving around with the windows down, but you have to appreciate the relief this mild weather brings after 6 months of cold!

I'm lovin' puzzle time during our Design & Modeling class. It's a great independent activity for my SPED babies and is teaching them some great strategies.

I'm lovin' the blueberry goat-cheese pie my fabulous friends made me for my birthday. For real... best pie ever!

I told myself I was done complaining about this horrible winter, but it's March 12, and Chicago just got ANOTHER snow storm. Seriously, Mother Nature. You win! Now, can we please have spring??? I just can't will myself out of bed in the morning when it's dark (stupid time change) AND cold. 

I'm over wearing boots... and planning my entire outfit around them.

I'm over coats (well... I don't really wear mine anyway, but Joel makes me keep it in the car).

I'm over digging my car out of the snow. This girl needs a garage again.

I'm over the salt on my pretty new car. Every time we wash it (Sunday), we get more snow.

I guess I have it pretty good if my biggest complaint in life is the weather! :)


  1. LOL! Are you changing your blog name to Miss Tatum instead of Miss Lifesaver? I bet you're over winter! We're already wearing sunscreen in Florida! Come for a visit!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. I'm with you on the weather! My new hope is that I won't be wearing snow boots and earmuffs during spring break....fingers crossed!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  3. I might have to fight you for Channing. He's a Florida boy. I was all excited about the blueberry....and then you said goat cheese pie. Rosie don't do goat cheese. ONE time was all it took. I had a designer pizza in Beverly Hills with g-c on it and I got sick. Wait...maybe it was San Francisco now that I think about it. Either way...not gonna happen again. I'm sorry you have to dig for your car. Just another reason I would not survive in snow. I would never make it to work because I would give up and go back to sleep...all day! XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. You had me at blueberry goat cheese pie. Unlike my buddy Alison, up above here, I LOVE goat cheese! I buy it all the time. Have a delicious recipe I should share with you....

    I love those Starbucks gift cards too. I don't go to Starbucks unless I have a gift card. Too $$$.

    So funny you mentioned these Buzzfeed quizzes. I have a friend who is obsessed with these and then posts them on FB. HA!

    I have a friend who lives in Chicago area, and all she's done this winter is complain about the cold/snow. I feel so bad for you guys. I would be so over the snow too. I'm afraid I'd never last if moved to a snowy state.

    Thanks so much for linkin' up. I love reading about all the things we're lovin' and over. : ) Link up again soon!

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  5. Ugh I am so over winter too! It has hit NJ just as hard. One day (after having a 5 day weekend due to snow days) I had my students write an argument essay on snow. Pro/ was surprising that a few kids went with con. And the ones who wrote a con essay had much stronger arguments!