March 1, 2014

Welcome, March. Please Bring Sun!

My question was "How many years have I been in education?"

I can't believe it's been 8 years!

I spent my first two as a day-to-day substitute in 3 districts while in grad school to get my teaching certificate. It was during this time that I fell in love with middle school, although I also took on a job through the local community college teaching 9th grade English in their summer school program. I taught summer school for 3 LONG years before deciding my sanity was more important than a little extra spending money... of course... that's when I HAD extra spending money! haha

As soon as I graduated, I was hired to teach 7th grade ELA and gifted ELA in the school where I student taught. My first year there was Heaven. I had wonderful students and the best team anyone could ever want. I was moved to a new team for my second year, and even though I loved my students, it's somewhat overshadowed by a shady administrator who made life miserable for too many people (myself included).

I spent nearly all of the following year covering two long-term ESL positions in another district. In the first, I taught the newcomers (including all core subjects), geography, US history, and a combined 6th & 7th grade math. I was completely unqualified for this position, but I was friends with the Director of ESL, so he helped me get in the door. When that position ended, I took over for my co-worker's maternity leave, which allowed me to work with my same students as a READ 180 & Writing teacher. This is where I really got to see the value of a writing and reading workshop program because of my small class sizes (seriously... as small as 2 students).

For the remainder of that year and the year following, I worked as a day-to-day sub. One of my former teachers was an AP at one of the local middle schools and got me on the sub list in her district. I worked consistently at two schools, including my current building.

Last year, as most of you know, I taught 8th grade ELA at a charter school in Baton Rouge. This was a life-changing experience for me, both personally and professionally, as I was challenged in ways I never thought possible. After this experience, I feel comfortable saying that I have taught the full gamut. :)

This year, I'm back in IL as a teaching assistant with my fingers crossed for a full-time teaching position next year. It's ALMOST time for districts to start posting their openings (probably the end of this month), so if you feel like crossing your fingers with me, that would be much appreciated!! :)


  1. Wow you really have been all over! All my fingers are crossed for you and your job search!!
    Learning to be awesome

  2. My 'story' sounds so boring compared to yours, so many transitions. As someone who is contemplating summer school...your bit about sanity is pushing me in the opposite direction :) Fingers crossed!

  3. You have a four day weekend? What's the occasion? I'm jealous!

  4. I hope you are able to find full time position!! I've also been teaching for 8 years, however all within the same district.

  5. You are listening to A Piece of Cake? That's a FABULOUS book. I read that several years ago. You need to check out Clubland by Frank Owen. That's another great read...or listen in your case. Have you ever watched Party Monster? It's based off that book. Crazy! Happy Saturday love! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. I'm so ready for warmer weather to come to Chicago! Best of luck with your job search!!!
    Short and Sassy Teacher