May 8, 2014

The Measure of Success

One of my students wasn't following directions in PE this week, so I casually walked over to him, wrapped an arm around his shoulder, and reminded him that I'm more than happy to hold his hand and walk with him if necessary. This is the conversation that followed:

Student: Please, Miss L, I have a reputation to protect!

Me: Oh, please! Your reputation is only enhanced by my presence!

Student: Really?!

Me: Of course! 

Student: How many Instagram followers do you have?

Me: Is that the measure of success these days?

Student: Yeah. So... how many?

Me: I hate to break it to you, but I don't use Instagram.

He shook his head in utter disappointment and walked away. 

And just like that, folks, I've lost all my "cool" points. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to me! haha 


  1. Ahaha! You just made me do a really loud and unattractive laugh with that story!

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  3. Thanks for making me laugh. I also told my astonished students that I do not use Instagram. They declared that "my life must be very boring."

  4. If I've told you once...I've told you need to get your butt on Instagram. This just confirms this. I will be your Instagram friend. I'm really the only one that matters. Make sure after you do it you go tell said are now cooler than he is! XOXO

  5. P.S. Maybe I'm not as cool as I think I am...I just spelled my own name in my last reply.

  6. OMG...I did it again....I left out a word. *wrong. I just spelled my own name WRONG in my second to the last reply.
    Don't worry....I triple checked myself this time. Third time better be the charm...or else!

  7. That's so funny!! I have instagram but I never use it. Facebook keeps me busy enough. ; )

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