July 9, 2014

I'm Wearing Something I Have To Share

Look, I know the rules. I know it's like a cardinal bloggy sin to post twice in one day, but I completely forgot to link up with Jivey to show you guys what I'm wearing right now!

Here I am in my sexy no-makeup photo to show you my new favorite thing.  My mama bought me this new headband while she was on a bike trip (as in bicycle, not Harley) with my dad in Door County.

I promise I'm not naked in this photo! Also? Where are my eyebrows????
I have a love-hate relationship with headbands. I can't stand my hair in my face, so they're super good for holding it back, especially on a sweaty, humid day when I can't seem to control my face-framing frizz, BUT they never fit me right. I always spend my entire day readjusting them because they slip back and pop off my head. And then I get hair-aches... that's what my college roommate used to call them. Anyone else with me on this?

Well, let me tell you, my headband woes are gone because THIS HEADBAND DOESN'T MOVE! It's go a no-slip liner that actually works! True story.

I actually found similar headbands at a Learning Express in my area while shopping with a friend last week, but they were much more expensive. Also? They didn't include my favorite part... Every purchase pays for three meals for a child in Uganda. So you get to be fashionable AND save the world at the same time! I'd call that a win-win!

The bands come in multiple sizes and colors (mine is wide, just to give you an idea). AND... they even offer them wholesale. So, if you're the person in charge of spirit wear at your school, they can make custom headbands for you using your colors and logo. I know... awesome!


  1. You are too cute! I've never heard of this linky party before. I may have to join it! Thanks for all of your emails, trying to help get rid of my "No Reply Blogger" status in my settings. Does this link at the bottom help at all??

    <a href="http://literacylovinggals.blogspot.com”>Liteacy Loving Gals </a>

  2. I have a super big love/hate relationship with headbands also. I think I'll order one to see if I can handle it. I have never found a headband that I loved...ever. I'm going to trust you though because I love you. The good thing is...if I don't like it...I get to blame you! :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learin'

  3. AND Alison can send the headband to you if she's not a fan! Win-Win!

  4. I.hate.hair. in. my. face. My hair is forever up in a clip or a pony tail. I like headbands and hate headbands too. They keep hair outta my face, but I hate that pressure on my head all day. One of these days I'm just gonna shave my head.

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  5. I have yet to find a headband that doesn't hurt my head (behind my ears)!! How's this one?

  6. That headband is super cute! I'm pretty sure I bought a peacock-printed headband from this brand at Ulta, but I'm not positive. I might try one of the cute chevron ones! Thanks for sharing! :)