July 7, 2014

Made it Monday: Getting Creative in the Kitchen

One of the things I love about summer is that I have time to experiment in the kitchen. Don't get me wrong, I still HATE to cook, but it's nice to have the time and energy to try out new recipes to add to our repertoire. Also, Joel really likes it when I feed him, and I aim to please. ;-)

I'm linking up with Monday Made It to share what's bee happening in my kitchen lately...

The first picture is of my a hand-stuffed, spinach and ground turkey manicotti. This recipe was simple (I followed the one on the back of the box) but VERY labor-intensive. I spent about two hours prepping it in the morning (AKA procrastinating on job applications) and then threw it in the oven for about 40 minutes before dinner. We both loved it, but I definitely think this will be a weekend or school vacation meal.

Underneath that photo, you can see some of the fresh fruit I cut up for our fondue night. Joel asked for a fondue for his birthday, so we got a set and promptly made a very expensive and failed attempt at a cheese fondue. In fact, we tried it twice. For whatever reason (despite the fact that I followed my sister's directions explicitly), the cheese would not melt, and we were left with a large wad of cheese that resembled the inside of a mozzarella stick... which is great for that, but not so great for dipping fondue. There may have been some tears on my part after I spent an hour cutting up veggies and chicken for that night. I'm pleased to report that we did MUCH better with the chocolate sauce. :)

To the right of those pictures is one of my FAVORITE crock pot meals: chicken fajitas. I use a packaged chipotle lime seasoning from Target (note: it's a liquid, not spice, so you'll find it with the Mexican food). I throw in some frozen chicken, peppers, and onion with the sauce and let it cook all day. The result is non-traditional because the chicken is shredded and covered in liquid, but it tastes SOOO yummy!

Underneath that is my favorite summer salad made with strawberries, Craisins, sliced almonds and goat cheese with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. We eat this year-round because we're both obsessed with goat cheese! For this meal, we paired it with a grilled salmon we marinated in a lemon pepper dressing. It was DEVINE!

That last picture on the bottom left was more spur of the moment...I don't know about you, but we never eat the white rice that comes with Chinese takeout. Instead, we always order a side of fried rice to accompany our food. While this works out better for my taste buds, I always feel guilty wasting the rice, which never stays good the next day. This weekend, I had a genius thought to repurpose our leftover rice by making a delicious rice pudding. I found a super easy recipe on allrecipes.com and threw it together with ingredients I already had in the house (I even forgot the butter but don't think it was necessary). Even my mama, who isn't much of a sweets eater, asked for a cup for her bedtime snack! 

I feel like such a domestic goddess! 


  1. YUMMY! I have never tried fondue, but do know that cheese can be tough to work with. I prefer melted chocolate anyway, glad at least that went well.

  2. Your domestic goddess comment cracked me up! The food looks fabulous! Yum yum.
    Have you ever read Sophie Kinsella's Undomesticated Goddess?? It's a silly and fun read
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  3. You ARE a domestic goddess! I'll take one of everything. I like to eat too and you know I hate cooking more than you do! So gross on the goat cheese though. I just can't do it...nope, nope, nope.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'