July 11, 2014

What My Students Think of Me

For today's Blogging Challenge, we were asked what our students would say about us. While I could certainly give you my opinion this, I figured it would be better if I simply asked them myself. I have been fortunate to build lasting relationships with many of my former students, some who are now college students (which makes me feel super old), and I keep in touch with many of them through Facebook. So... here's what I posted in preparation for this post:

What do my students think of me? Good question! Let's ask them... 

And here are their answers, verbatim:

RT: Fun loving, relatable, and creative.

SS: The worst! Just kidding. Super fun, helpful, exciting, energetic, and passionate (and everything Rachel said)

CK: Let's see what I can remember from 5 years ago... You were the best! Always there for your students and willing to listen and help. :)

VP: Relatable or warm hearted. 

CB: Energy filled and a huge desire to have her students learn about education and their own lives.

EZ: Enthusiastic, caring, and genuinely trying to get to know each student and make learning fun. :)

KW: AMAZING! and the best teacher in the world and still my favorite teacher!

NK: AH, JD, and I still talk about all the fun and creative memories we had in your class. You always gave us a good laugh and were there to listen to our crazy stories.

JK: How to rage!

As you can see, I have pretty much the best students in the world! I mean, I certainly wouldn't expect any of them to tell me I'm awful or boring, but they definitely didn't have to respond at all. It makes my heart happy whenever I hear from my kiddos, and this thread pretty much has me beaming!

I wish I could use this as a letter of recommendation! :)


  1. I love your energy!

  2. How nice!! Great idea to ask your former students.

  3. That should be part of your job applications, for middle school students to openly admit they love their teacher says something about your relationship with them. The best response I ever over heard a student tell a new student: as long as you do what she wants shes cool. I guess that pretty much sums me up.

  4. Are your kiddos on your facebook? I have a separate fb account but they rarely interact with me on it....so cool that your kids will leave you comments at your request and I can see that you're an awesome teacher!

  5. AWWWW!!!! I love the "how to rage!" You need to print these out and put them in a book! DO IT!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. That's so cool! I love how you went to them yourself and asked them. I have a teacher FB account, and I keep in touch with my formers that way too. I love being able to see what they're doing and keep in touch with them.

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