August 21, 2014

An Eventful Curriculum Night

Today was a LONG day. I arrived at school around 7:15 AM and didn't leave until about 8:45 PM because we had curriculum night. To say I'm exhausted is an understatement, but I wanted to fill you guys in on my eventful evening...

About 2 minutes before the doors were set to open to parents, the power went out. Now, we've had CRAZY thunderstorms all day long but at 6:30, it was dry. Well... we're probably dealing with 99% humidity, but there was no rain. 

We have a backup generator, which left us with some lighting. But projectors, computers, clocks, air conditioning... nope! That powerpoint and video I had prepared? Yeah... that was a waste of time!

By the time parents were done with the welcome speech and headed upstairs to my room, it was already toasty, and I was sweating. And then I became self-conscious about the sweating, which only makes the problem worse. haha

I was certain it would be an awful night. 

And then the first mom walked in, shook my hand and introduced herself.

Parent: Hi, I'm Laurie X!
Me: Hi... I know you!
Parent: I know you too!
Me: How do I know you?
Parent: I don't know, but I know I know you too. 
Parent: What did you say your name was?
Me: Actually, I'm Mrs. G's long-term sub. My name is Erin L.
Parent: OH MY GOD! ERIN L!!! You're so grown up!
Me: OMG! Laurie!!!
<We hug and laugh at this coincidence>

You guys... this woman was a coworker and friend of my mom's when I was REALLY young. Like elementary school. She used to babysit me! Her daughter and I actually ended up in high school together too. And now, her son (from a second marriage so much younger) is in my first period class. 

I never would have put it together. She has a different last name. One I've seen through her daughter's Facebook over the years, but not one that I would instantly recognize. And with 201 students, I'm not even paying attention to last names yet anyway!

Not 5 minutes later, as I'm standing in the hallway, my old coworker (who was also my cooperating teacher when I student taught) comes up to me to say hello. I knew she lived in the district, but I had no clue her kids went to my school. What a fun surprise!

I live a good 45 minutes away from my school. So, it's incredible to me that I had two connections like this in the first 10 minutes of the night!

And I was able to wing my presentation and still make the parents laugh... a lot. I explained some of my big expectations and shared a little about our pass the plate activity where I was sure to point out that a big part of this class will be clearing up misconceptions... like Early Humans were NOT mermaids, and China has given us much more than Panda Express and Bruce Lee! :)

I received a ton of positive feedback from parents who stuck around after each presentation. It was so reassuring to hear that their children are talking about how much they love me and my class, and I guess I really impressed the parents with my energy because they commented on it all night long.

This was definitely my most successful curriculum night... despite the glitches and sweat! ;)


  1. Bravo! It always feels great to get that night over and done with!!! How fun to find that you had two connections to the school! That's really exciting and hopefully promising??

  2. Just think of it this way, every parent function after this will be a breeze:). I am so happy that are back in the classroom! Even if it is as a long term substitute, it will be a great opportunity for you to shine:).