September 14, 2014

Bears Victory Freebie for You!

OMG! I almost missed my first opportunity to tell you guys about a fun freebie idea I'm copying because I turned off thinking they were done. Thankfully, I'm never very good about keeping the game off when I change the channel in protest because I was able to see them pull out a WIN! 

So, what does this have to do with a giveaway, you ask? I'm taking some inspiration from my girl Erin Cobb at I'm Lovin' Lit (with her permission), and I'm going to offer a Bears Victory Freebie for the entire season!

That's right, I want all my readers to celebrate Da Bears with me! When they win, you win! And the only thing more exciting than that is when we win against the Packers! :)

For every W the Bears win this year, I will post a NEW product freebie that will last anywhere from 1-24 hours! This is a hit or miss opportunity, friends, so you'll want to make sure you're following me on FACEBOOK to get reminders in your feed about new posts!

I'm also posting our season schedule here so you know when to check in:

Since my boys managed a comeback tonight, I have our first freebie for you! This is a vocabulary connecter, which we use to get our kiddos to do some deeper thinking about our vocabulary terms. It's a simple concept to explain, but it really requires a lot of higher-order thinking.

Allow me to explain: In each pie piece, you write a vocabulary term. In each box, then, students have to write a statement that connects the two terms connected by arrows.

For example, in our current unit, these were our vocabulary terms:

In box 1 <--> 2, I could say:
Historians use both primary and secondary sources to learn about the past. These sources are different because primary sources come from the time period studied while secondary sources come after the event. 

In box 3 <--> 4, I could say:
Historians reply on artifacts like weapons and pottery to study prehistory because there is no recorded history from this time period.

I love this organizer because it forces my kiddos to think! It also is a great way for me to assess how well they REALLY know our vocabulary terms. It's extremely apparent if they don't understand a word because their connections will be very shallow. 

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  1. YAY for you....BOO for my Saints. They haven't won yet. Not very happy about this!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'