September 1, 2014

Currently & IMWAYR

Today's post is going to be PACKED, so I'm going to go ahead and get started by linking up with Farley's Currently:

Listening - One of the benefits of my 45-60 minute commute is that I've been listening to a bunch of books in the car. In the past two weeks, I've finished the following two books:
  • Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (author of Gone Girl) - This novel did not disappoint me in any way. When journalist Camille Preaker is assigned a double murder case in her home town, she is less than enthusiastic to return to her roots where she has to spend time with her estranged mother and a dark yet charismatic half-sister she barely knows. The more she unravels about the murders, the more she finds herself identifying the the victims. She's forced to "unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past" in order to get story she was assigned. 
  • Before I Die by Jenny Downham - This was a much lighter book, even though the topic at hand is death. Seventeen year old Tessa has decided to stop fighting her Leukemia and has accepted the fact that her life will end shortly. Before she goes, though, she has decided that she wants to make sure she gets to live! This includes crossing some big items off her bucket list, including sex, drugs, and breaking as many laws as possible. She gets more than she bargained for, though, when she ends up falling in love with a boy and realizes it's much harder to face death when you have something worth living for. If you enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars, this would be a good read for you! 
Loving - Three Days of sleeping in! This should be the standard! I'm still of the opinion that a 5 day work week is unnecessary and vote we make the switch to 4!

Thinking - About the great time I had at our family BBQ this weekend! Our second cousin, Bill, whom we met a few years back, invited us to his first annual BBQ on Saturday, and I went with my sister and Joel. The predicted storms held off and made for a PERFECT afternoon watching the kids (and big kids) play in the bouncy house and on a bouncy water slide.

We also got to meet several other extended family members, some who shared with us some fascinating stories about our family. My favorite is about my great-uncle Jim. He was a priest working as a missionary in Peru when was completely taken by a nun named Jean. Ultimately, they both resigned their positions so they could marry, which I think is a fabulously rebellious story! The new part of the story to me was that Jean was featured on the cover of Time Magazine back in the 60s (when she was still a nun), and I am determined to find it! How cool!

Wanting - To find our new house! Joel and I have been searching for our own place. We weighed the options and are leaning toward renting a house versus an apartment, mostly because no apartment will give us enough space to get rid of our storage unit. We found the PERFECT place last week, which was listed the day prior, but by the time the realtor called me back, they already had an application. We've got a few other options we want to see, but this is a stressful choice... especially because we don't know where we'll be working long-term. My first priority is to be close to the expressway for this reason, but of course, those homes are little more pricey. Ah!

Needing - To start grading my history tests... 200 takes a while! I brought home three classes worth over the weekend and have not yet pulled them out of my bag!

Trips - Italy, Hawaii, South Africa. This was an easy list for me. I've always wanted to do a European tour, but Italy is my number one destination. There's just so much history there, and I know I'd love the food! :) Hawaii is for obvious reasons... beaches, luaus, fruity frozen adult beverages... yes please! And South Africa has always been on my bucket list. I REALLY want to do a safari!

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  1. I love your ideas for trips! The only one I have been to is Italy as a teenager and it was absolutely gorgeous! I am a total mountain girl and northern Italy just felt like home!

  2. Oh, South Africa would be cool!

    I too have LOVED sleeping in!!!!

    Hodges Herald

  3. Hawaii! We have the same one! Though South Africa sounds pretty cool too, especially since I teach Cry, The Beloved Country. Enjoy your day off!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  4. Your family BBQ looked like fun! It's always wonderful meeting extended family members and hearing stories about your family. I bet that blow up slide was a hit with the kids (and the adults)! Sounds like some cool memories were made that day. :)
    Literacy Loving Gals

  5. hey there girl! I so know what you mean about grading papers - I would bring work home all the time and never do it. Carrying it back and fourth to school and home - eventually I just started going to Starbucks after school to grade - it was the only way I could get anything done! Tomorrow I"ll be working forever since I did almost nothing this weekend, but I had fun, so that's cool! Glad you had fun at your BBQ and good luck finding the house!

  6. The BBQ looks like it was a great time! Thanks for the book recommendations- I'll add them to my list! Although I have to admit...I rarely get any reading done during the school year. :(
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  7. A three-day weekend sounds perfect. I bought a copy of Gone Girl but haven't had the chance to read it yet. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful pictures - looks like loads of fun!