September 22, 2014

Give me a V, dot the I, curl the C-T-O-R-Y

Full disclosure: It's late, and I'm ready to put away my laptop for the night. So, I'm jumping the gun a little here. Unless something goes drastically wrong in these last 2 minutes, I'm gonna go ahead and call tonight's game a W!

Da Bears played a great game agains the Jets tonight and pulled off another Win! It's always great when my boys win, but it feels extra sweet when it happens on Monday Night Football with the whole country watching!

You know what this means: another Bears Victory Freebie for you!

So, what am I sharing this week? This is a mini Storytelling unit for my language arts folks.  It's great way for elementary or middle school students to work on their presentation skills.

Each student selects their favorite picture book to read to the class. It sounds very elementary, but we kick it up a notch by analyzing the plot of the story and the characterization of the main character.

Using the information from the analysis and class mini-lessons about voice, fluency, and even nonverbal communication, students will practice telling their stories. This is a great way for them to practice speaking in front of their peers in a way that relieves them from the pressure from being judged on the content. They didn't write these stories. They just have to learn how to present them!

You could also choose to do this through audio recording rather than in-class presentations for the sake of time, but my students have LOVED presenting their stories to the class live.

Best part of all? They're Word documents, so you can modify as you like! :)

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