November 16, 2014

Bears Victory Flash Freebie

This has not been a great season for my Chicago Bears, but thankfully, we did earn a W against the Vikings today, which means I owe you guys a freebie!

Miss Lifesaver

What I have for you today is a great powerpoint that reviews some elements of characterization. It's divided into three sections, so you can use it for multiple mini-lessons. 

In section one, we learn the difference between a protagonist, antagonist, and foil characters. There's a built in review activity, which includes references to popular movies your students will recognize and love!

Section two focuses on the difference between static and dynamic characters as well as round and flat characters. We then review the types of words that are used to describe character traits. 

Finally, in section three, we discuss the difference between direct and indirect characterization. I introduce my buddy WALTeR, who helps us remember the different ways we can learn about a character indirectly.

After reviewing this PowerPoint with your students, they will be so much more confident in their ability to discuss the characters in their stories!

What are you waiting for? Grab this freebie Characterization PowerPoint while it lasts!

If you're looking for a great addition to this freebie, I have a fun protagonist/antagonist/foil sorting activity that's a great extension. You can use it in a center or as a formative assessment piece. Read all about it here.

Bear down!

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  1. THIS is awesome! Happy for the Bears. Sad for my Saints. =(