November 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday, Week 2

Happy Thursday! This is my annual November linky where we come together each week to share the things for which we're giving thanks.

For the readers who are not bloggers, you can share your Thankful Thursday submissions on my Facebook page.

Things I'm thankful for this week include:

1. I spent the entire weekend in the city with one of my BFFs. Bobbie has been family to me for the past 14 years when we were two lonely freshmen living in Ohlson House (as unofficial roommates since ours were never around). We went to a REALLY small school where we felt like complete outsiders because we didn't grow up going to camp with these people, and none of them were our family (seriously... everyone was related to someone at that school). Bobs and I decided that we would be cousins and spent our entire four years together convincing everyone we were family. To this day, we still call each other Cousin, and I love her like one. We are sometimes very different people in regards to our likes and dislikes, but somehow, we work. She has taught me so much about life, and I know I'm a better person because of our friendship. I'm grateful for our much-needed girl's weekend of chick-flicks, shopping, manicures, and cooking together. I loved every second! Well, minus the 2.5 hour drive to get there... haha! Love you, Bobs!

2. I finally got to watch The Fault in Our Stars this weekend. Like the book, the movie had me ugly-crying and in need of a box of Kleenex. I know that sounds like a weird start for a thankful post, but I really am grateful for stories that can pull me in like that. I love to get lost in a good book or movie. It's an escape for me. I love connecting so strongly to the characters and their stories that I am filled with emotion. I guess that's why I became an ELA teacher.

3. On my last day of my long-term position, I was showered with cards and gifts from my thoughtful students. Many of these gifts included Starbucks gift cards. I literally have't paid for a single cup of tea since the beginning of October because of their generosity, and I'm thankful for this every time I need a pick-me-up. Without the gift card, I would certainly force myself to go without, and it's amazing how much more I enjoy my day with a venti green iced tea in my hand!

4. We had a pretty cool Veteran's Day assembly, which included a performance by the national champion Marmion Academy Drill Team as well as speeches and music performances from several students. It was a nice way to honor the veterans and thank them for their service. 

5. I found out on Sunday that my credit card was missing. When I looked up the account, I saw that the card was used twice after Bobs and I had dinner Friday night, neither time by me. I don't know if I left the card on the table, dropped it, or if I just didn't get it back. In any case, Chase was awesome about removing the charges from my card and sending me a replacement right away. This is my FOURTH card for 2014 (thanks to all these security breaches)! So, why am I thankful about this? Simply because I had only received said card two weeks prior and had not yet taken the time to move all my recurring charges over. So, it really didn't result in any extra work for me. It's the little things in life! :)

I'm also linking up with Jennifer again for Positive Thinking Thursdays, since our linkys go hand-in hand!


  1. I too love getting caught up on a good book - it's almost as if I have lived another life which gives me so much more perspective. Glad your card situation worked out - that can be scary!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  2. I do love the Veteran's Day assemblies, too. Ours was super cute and the kids sang the traditional American songs and Fifty Nifty!
    Glad you found your credit card and all is well with Chase! :-)

  3. I have a few "cousins" like that too! It's so cool how family can extend beyond genetics, isn't? I'm looking forward to watching TFOS too. I read the book this past spring and loved it! I'm getting the DVD for my daughter for Christmas (but it is also kind of like a gift for me too! :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings