November 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday with a Giveaway, Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

1. To start this week, I am thankful for my DVR. It's such a simple thing, but it really does make a huge difference. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I sat through a commercial, which is why I almost never know what movies are playing these days. I love that I can go out and live my life, and my shows will all be waiting for me to watch at my convenience. I guess I can extend this thanks to include Netflix and Hulu Plus, which have made this even better (especially with series like OITNB). Right now, I have a backlog of primetime shows and movies I can't wait to watch over break while I'm snuggled in my pajamas because I don't have to work!

2. I'm a casual girl. It's not that I don't enjoy dressing up from time to time, but my happy place is in a pair of jeans (even better is a pair of yoga pants or leggings) and a hoodie. I'm not sure what it is about being able to dress down, but everyone always seems more relaxed and pleasant on these days. When I worked in Corporate America, our new CEO announced that our casual summer policy didn't need to end, and people were literally dancing and cheering in their cubicles! One of the nice things about being a substitute is that I can pretty much show up in jeans every day (but don't worry, I only really dress down on Fridays with my school shirt). Especially in cold weather, this brings a smile to my face!

3. I'm thankful for my sister, who celebrated a milestone birthday this past weekend, which officially makes her the oldest sibling now because I will forever be 29 years old. She had a cute idea to celebrate with a bunch of her friends (as well as our mom and me) at a local nail salon. We had a few bottles of wine and some snacks, and it made for a fantastic way to celebrate her day! I'm amazed that I've never thought to do this type of celebration for myself, as it's nearly impossible to get my friends together for an evening because they all have kids. Seriously... plan on a trip to the nail salon in March, friends!

I feel very fortunate to have Amy as my sister. We are, I think, a good mix of "OMG we're like the same person!" and "How is it possible that we come from the same family?!" I'm happy that she's finally in a career that she loves (nursing) because it's so fun to see her thrive. I'm proud to call her my sister and friend. xoxo

4. I feel like this is a given (like friends and family), but I can't imagine not saying so specifically. I am so thankful for my amazing students. Whenever I walk through the hallways, I'm bombarded by students in all grade levels with the question, "Who are you subbing for today?" My response is always followed by cheers when they learn they'll be with me or groans when they realize they won't. I have to admit, it's a great feeling! We actually bumped into three of my students yesterday while leaving a restaurant, and the girls were SO excited to see me (despite the fact that I literally just saw all three of them yesterday) that I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. To be completely honest, it's probably equally exciting for me to see them! :)

5. Finally, I'm so thankful for this blogging community, which has introduced me to so many wonderful friends across the world! I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to connect with so many of you, and I think it's pretty awesome how some of you have become "crossover artists" and are now counted as my IRL friends (including some of you I have not actually met in person due to location). I genuinely enjoy connecting with you guys and look forward to reading about your personal lives and hearing your classroom stories. Thank you for making this such an amazing community!

To show my appreciation for you all, I want to do a little giveaway today. Each person who links up to today's Thankful Thursday post will be automatically entered to win my 40 page A Christmas Carol Novel Study Packet, which is full of activities to help your students master characterization and symbolism. This product is my best seller in my TPT store, and this is your opportunity to get it for free! All you have to do is link up with your Thankful Thursday post! It's a perfect unit for those few weeks in December, and I've included everything you'll need to teach the novel from leveled vocabulary lists and activities, formative and summative assessments with answer keys, characterization and symbolism guides, and everything you need to help your students write an accompanying expository essay. Check out the Table of Contents for all the goodies that are included:

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving friend! I must not have had enough coffee because I just put my name instead of my blog's name on your link-up! hahhaaa!
    I hope you have a great day and I'm thankful for you, my first bloggy-turned-IRL friend!

  2. I love you too, sister! You nailed it. :) xo