January 22, 2015

Come At Me, Bruh!

ETA: I feel the need to throw out a little disclaimer here to let you all know that this interaction took place with a group of students with whom I have a great rapport. We're constantly ribbing each other... it's how we relate!

My 8th graders were working on independent projects today, so I let them sit with their friends and listen to music as long as they were working.

One group of boys was off task talking and checking their phones each time I glanced in their direction, so I knew I had to intervene. 

Me: Guys, you need to get back to work, or I'm going to have to ask you to put your phones away.

Student A: We're talking about our favorite teachers.

Me: But that's not what we're working on...

Student B (interrupting): And you're clearly NOT in our Top 5!

At this point, everyone in earshot, including me, was laughing in utter disbelief. I totally didn't expect that response. I decided to teach Mr. Sassy Pants a lesson!

Me (holding back laugher): Um... you know what? I think you're done "working" with your friends. You can take your stuff into the hallway for a timeout!

Student B: Okay!

And he happily took his things into the hallway, as we all laughed.


Student C: Can I go get him from the hallway?

Me: Yes, but tell him he has to say 3 nice things about me before he can come back in!

Student C returns alone.

Me: Where is he?

Student C: He said he'd rather stay in the hall. 


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  1. And this is exactly why I won't teach anything higher than 4th grade.
    Bless all those teachers who teach the grades I refuse to deal with.
    ; )

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