January 29, 2015

The New Kid

He's a new student. Just came to our school last week.

His name wasn't even on the roster or seating chart.

But there he sat, right next to a known troublemaker (with whom I have had zero issues aside from talking).

Our assignment included reading a chapter in the history book and then a two-page review worksheet for homework.

We were trying to read the text aloud so I could talk to them about the content and make sure they understood the important concepts.

But this new kid, he just wouldn't stop talking.

Not the first time I asked.

Or the second.

So, on the third redirection, I warned him that he would be facing a consequence if I had to speak to him again. The look on his face said 'Try me!'

And he proceeded to keep talking.

I asked him to move seats, into a desk next to me (and away from his audience).

Student: I don't really want to sit by you!

Me: Truthfully, I don't really want you to sit here either, but you are disrupting the learning of this entire class, so I need you to move.

(Okay... not my finest moment. I know I shouldn't tell a student that I don't want him to sit by me. But I can't share this story if I'm not honest.)

Said student stares me down for a good 30 seconds and then decides to start moving across the room. Of course, he couldn't do so without making the following comment:

So, what did you say your name was again? Ms. Lifeless? Because you have no life!

And I was immediately brought back to my elementary school days when kids on the playground would call me that, making a mockery out of my last name. Back then, it used to make me cry. This time, though, I just shook my head and recorded his words for my substitute report.

Me: Keep talking! It's all going in my report.

When we finished reading aloud, I got the class going on their homework and asked said student to come out into the hallway where we had a little come to Jesus meeting.

Me: I know you're new here, and you're not aware of how things work, so I'm going to break it down for you. I'm friends with pretty much all these teachers. I'm not one of those subs who comes around a couple times a year. I'm in this building nearly every day. I'm friends with most of the teachers, which means they will hear about your behavior. You'll learn very quickly that I have great relationships with the students here, which is why the class responded with shock when you were so disrespectful to me today. I can pretty much guarantee that I will sub for your classes again, so you really don't want me as an enemy. Life is much better for both of us when we get along. So, I hope this is the last time I ever have to remind you that you don't get to talk to me like that.

Little did I know, this student was also in my study hall at the end of the day. He must have learned his lesson because he didn't say a peep the whole time.


  1. I love the "come to Jesus moment" comment!! I'm cracking up because I say that all the time!!! I hate when I thought I had a come to Jesus moment and I really didn't! Lol. ;)

  2. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this story!