March 10, 2015

SOL 10: Love is...

Love is...

My middle school students dressing in "Bears and Bling" just for me

Gift bags full of candy, partially-used body lotions, and sparkly accessories 

My boyfriend cooking me a comfort meal of burgers, hot dogs, and macaroni and cheese when he dislikes all three

His sister bringing home a turtle cheesecake even though she only likes it plain

His brother (and his girlfriend) staying in tonight to eat and hang out with us instead of going out with their friends

Endless baby snuggles and kisses

Cards with hand-written messages that make my eyes a little teary and then fill the room with laughter

A phone call from my BFF whose two year-old twins said my name for the very first time

Public declarations from my parents that today, I am their favorite 

Shout outs and well wishes on social media from friends and family, near and far 

It was a good birthday, indeed!


  1. Great descriptions of all the little (and big) things that made this day special for you. Happy birthday!

  2. OMG It's your birthday! AHhhhh I hate not having facebook, but so glad I ended up here so I could wish you the best birthday ever! I hope your next year blesses you with everything your heart desires!
    and I'm so glad we're friends! :-)

  3. Happy birthday! I am glad that you enjoyed your day. My birthday always falls during the slice challenge too.