March 14, 2015

SOL 14: Sensory Play with Bobas

The flu has definitely hit our home! Aniya got it first, and was a miserable, poopy, pukey mess for a couple days. Luckily for us, she sickness has made its way to the rest of us.

Unfortunately, it's made for a pretty boring day around here. I tried to do as much cleaning as possible today, assuming the house needed a good disinfecting.

And then I had the bright idea to make us some smoothies. Smoothies make everything better, right?!

Remember when I talked about how we were on a Boba Search last weekend? I tried round two using a different package I purchased at the Asian market (I bought three because I wasn't sure which was best). This package cooked up quickly and got nice and chewy, just like it's supposed to.


I added it to our homemade smoothies.

And then they immediately hardened again to the point where we were spitting them out of our drinks.


Joy Yee Noodles needs to hurry up with their renovations and open their doors again. This is NOT WORKING for me!

The good news is that we were able to reuse the bobas as a sensory activity (thanks, Pinterest) for Aniya, being that they are completely non-toxic. I just threw them in a sturdy bowl with some water and let her splash around after dinner!

She LOVED them!

She liked squishing them in her fingers, stirring them around in the water, and throwing them ALL OVER THE FLOOR!

At one point, she dumped out half the bowl onto her tray, which the thought was REALLY funny!

Oh, that girl!

I tried to capture her fun on video to share with you all, since this was the most exciting thing that happened in my day, but my battery died before it could finish.


  1. Such fun! That is a great idea. The only place I see bobas is at frozen yogurt places, mixed in with all the toppings. I haven't ever actually tried them though even though most of my family has.