March 16, 2015

SOL 16: Don't Eat Me!

Joel and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful 75 degree weather this afternoon and went for a walk along the prairie path by our house. At one point, we found a little clearing that led to a lake and stood there for a while, admiring our new neighborhood.

The grass was still pretty soggy from the great thaw, so we decided to walk up the hill back toward the sidewalk since my Crocs (don't judge me for comfort) were making my feet all wet and muddy.

As we continued our walk, we greeted some neighbors.

"Did you see the coyotes?" one asked.

"Um... what coyotes?" we asked.

"Oh, there's a den of them like right where you were standing. I was going to say something, but..." he started to say.

"You thought... this is WAY too entertaining! Let's see what happens!" I interrupted!

"I figured you were adults and knew what you were doing," he laughed.

"You were right on one account, but thanks for the heads up! We'll stay away from there now that we know!

Apparently Joel and I have a thing for attracting wild animals. Remember when we were almost shark food?

This is why I don't go camping, people! I'm CERTAIN I would be mauled by a bear!


  1. That was a close call so I understand your concern. A little heads-up would have been a nice gesture.

  2. Well that was a nice twist. At the start of your post I was thinking about how nice it would be to have the nature trail right there but was then surprised along with you about the coyotes. Here's to many more safe walks on the trail. I loved your response to the neighbor!