March 23, 2015

SOL 23: Spring Break Countdown

How you know it's the week before spring break:

Joel and I go grocery shopping together every week. We scan through our mental rolodexes and agree on four or five dinners we want to eat, and then we grab a few snacks and sides. Lunch has become much easier for me since I gave up my traditional turkey sandwich route and simply throw leftovers into a container each night.

Sometimes, the dinners we pick are chosen for necessity. Twice a week, for example, I tutor after school and get home two hours later than normal. By that time, I'm always starving, so starting a complicated meal just doesn't work for us. Instead, I need either a crock pot meal or something I can throw together in 20 minutes. Anything longer causes me to get really HANGRY (hungry + angry), and then bad things happen to good people.

Case in point, I was really hungry when I got home today and kinda crabby because of a stupid sinus headache from this sickness that just will not quit. Joel offered to throw some chicken nuggets in the oven for us, and I may have started to cry because there was no way I could wait that long. I knew it was irrational as it was happening, and yet there were tears falling from my eyes. Over chicken nuggets.

And that's when he looked at me sideways and put my portion in the microwave.

I love how he doesn't try to fight with my crazy!

Anyway, the real point of this post was about our grocery shopping and how it's the perfect indication that the spring break countdown has begun. Yesterday's shopping cart included chicken nuggets (which we NEVER buy), fish sticks (which I have not eaten since childhood but I was sold on my Costco sample and decided we needed a bag), stuffed peppers (Can I make delicious ones from scratch? Yes. Did I buy them prepared from the deli instead? Also yes.), and salmon (which I immediately portioned and marinated so we only have to throw it in the oven).

I love how we both just knew this would be a week where neither of us would care about making a real dinner. Why try to fight it?

(Don't worry, Mama, I bought salad, mangoes, asparagus, and eggs to balance it all out. That makes it all better, right?)

The goal for the next four days is survival!


  1. I love the term "hangry" as my husband is grumpy when he's "hangry." Now I know why! We did the cheapie pizza route tonight. I had cooked all weekend and send food to the sick and my aging parents so we were down to leftover leftovers. Pizza, it is! Spring Break can't get here soon enough. I'm taking a couple of days before and heading out tomorrow right after school to visit my daughter and grandson on the west coast. New move for them and I'm anxious to scope out the new digs. D :)

  2. Yes, definitely in survival mode! Spring break cannot happen soon enough. :)

  3. Your middle meanderings is what had me laughing with you because I can so relate--even to the crazy. That's when you know you've caught a good one with he understandings when a few tears are shed even over nuggets...and doesn't fight the crazy!! I think you have coined a new phrase "HANGRY" at least I know I will be using it! I had to read that part to my hubby so he can understanding my Hangriness on occasion!

  4. I completely understand! My last day of work is Friday. Valencia tried to throw us for a loop by calling for Wednesday to be a day of "no labor" so we don't have to work. Four day work week before Spring break isn't any better though!

    I just made myself a giant pot of turkey and white bean soup on Sunday, portioned it out in individual servings and popped them in the freezer. Then I made some homemade hummus (also portioned for snacking) and bought a bag of baby carrots. I then ordered school lunches for the week! Snacks and meals all taken care of for the week before the craziness even began.

    -Amanda at

  5. I loved this post because I can relate to getting home and just wanting something ready. My favorite line was when you said, "And that's when he looked at me sideways and put my portion in the microwave." I'm on spring break now. Enjoy yours next week!

    And I have to say, even though I could relate to the post, you are a step ahead with your intentional meal planning. That is something I have been struggling with and need to do more crock-pot type meals (or freezer meals in advance).

  6. I still have next week too and have no idea how I'll survive! Maybe I need chicken nuggets and fish sticks!!!