March 25, 2015

SOL 25: When School Fights Happen

I broke up a fight at school today.

And this time, unlike last time, I didn't get hurt in the process.


When a verbal altercation escalated to the point where one student shoved the other, my protective instincts took over.

I guess this is how you know I really do love my students. I say over and over again that I will never step into the middle of another fight, and yet...

I guess I take my role as "school mama" pretty seriously!

As soon as her hands made contact, I lunged for her. I wrapped my arms around her, as if I were hugging her with her arms at her sides. Then, I basically picked her up like a chess piece to remove her from the situation.

This student is EASILY six inches taller than me!

I mean... I can only imagine how hilarious this must have been for the 200 kids watching this interaction.

Please let me know if you see any videos go viral!

Thankfully, the altercation was quick and the other student didn't retaliate (for which I give him a ton of credit because this he is a child who struggles to make good choices much of the time), which made it pretty easy to intervene.

This is the FOURTH fight I've seen in the past three weeks in my building. There was actually another one at dismissal today that I didn't see. And just so you don't think this is normal, I'm fairly certain these are the only ones we've had all year.

The natives are restless!

Two more days until spring break, my friends!

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  1. It must be testing season....Something about this time of year makes every day feel like a full moon. I'm glad the conflict was resolved peacefully and no one was injured.