March 31, 2015

SOL 31: It's the Small Things

The Slice of Life Challenge officially ends today, and I'm still smiling!

I have to admit, that although this challenge was really hard for me on some days, I'm SO glad I participated!

And I'm proud of myself for sticking with it.

I'm actually still somewhat surprised that I didn't give up. I'm not quite sure what that says about me!

Congrats to all the other slicers who participated this month as well! I'm already looking forward to 2016!

Today, I want to take a moment to recognize what a difference the small things can make. I had to tutor today (yes... on spring break), which was my only task that necessitated leaving the house. Usually, I would just go in my yoga pants and a sweatshirt, but today, I took the time to put on a cute outfit and straighten my hair.

And that little bit of a difference, I feel, changed my entire day. I was more productive. In fact, I was so productive that this is the first moment I've sat down at the computer all day, despite the fact that I was home for like 22 out of 24 hours. I cleaned. I cooked (a damn good meal, if I do say so myself), I socialized more because I spent more time hanging out downstairs, and Joel and I even went for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner and without hesitation.

My mood was even better. I think because I feel better about myself when I look cuter.

Maybe I'll make myself cute again tomorrow! :)


  1. I'm the same way! What about when you work out? After I work out I'm usually thinking, "Girl, you just lost five pounds on that workout, you look good!" (I didn't, obvi!)
    SO glad you did the SOL! They call for slices every Tuesday, so we can still write once a week! :-)

  2. Congratulations on finishing the Slice this year! And in a cute outfit besides! Hope you will do it with us on Tuesdays all year!

  3. Yay for the smile at the end of the month! What an accomplishment! Keep writing and wearing cute outfits. :-)

  4. I just realized that I didn't ever come to see your last slice of the month! I am glad that you were able to do the challenge and are looking forward to next year. I am also glad that you are thinking about the little things that make you feel more productive. I think it's different for each person but great to do the thinking you are doing.

    I liked seeing the photo of you and Joel in the post right after this one. Even though it didn't capture the sunset like you wanted it to, it looked like a fun memory to get on camera since walks have been a positive part of your days. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your break.

  5. I'm just catching up on reading blogs, but I like this idea of Slice of life challenge. Was this your own idea or something other bloggers have been doing? It sounds great. I recently started a gratitude journal. A friend of mine is doing it and it sounded like a good idea. We'll see how it goes. :)