March 6, 2015

SOL 6: Supersize Nothing

I spent this past week subbing for the health teacher in my building who was out for surgery. We started the nutrition unit, which included watching Morgan Spurlock's Supersize Me. This wasn't my first time watching the documentary, but I guess it resonates with you even more when you have to watch it five times a day.

After 30 days of eating only McDonald's, Morgan gained 24.5 pounds. It took him 14.5 months to lose that weight again. That's a L.O.N.G. time!

No wonder people give up on diets!

Speaking of diets, Jared from Subway is featured in the film. I had to pause the film in every class and explain who he is. This made me feel ancient.

They've never even heard of the Subway diet.

Nor did they know the big mac song.

I made the fatal error of mentioning that when I was a kid, many kids had birthday parties at McDonald's. They looked at me like I had horns growing out of my head. They simply couldn't fathom a birthday party at a fast food establishment.

In hindsight, they are totally right. What were people thinking in the 80s? Must have been all that aerosol hairspray that got to them!

A few kids told me, throughout the week, that their parents tried to take them to McDonald's for dinner, and they were very uneasy with this option. One kiddo was very proud to tell me that he convinced his family that McDonald's was too unhealthy, so they went to Portillo's instead.

My favorite moment of the week, though, was when we were discussing a clip in which an "expert" compared smoking to obesity. He was trying to say that if it's okay to shame smokers, we should be able to shame fat people for their food choices.

At least that was my takeaway.

One of my kiddos saw it differently and wasn't afraid to say so.

"I think you're interpreting that wrong," he told me before he proceeded to tell me his interpretation. It was SO CUTE! And SOOO Common Core!


After he explained his thinking, I told him I understood his point but still disagreed with the original statement

"But you're not mad at me for disagreeing with you, right?"

I assured him I was not. lol

It was the highlight of my whole day!


  1. Our health teacher at school actually covers cafeteria duty. I think kids sort of shrink away when they see her coming. She has no filter, and says exactly what comes to her mind!

  2. The cafeteria is healthier than the Commons Area where kids live on chips and honey buns washed down by sports drinks.

  3. I especially loved your reflections between then and now. I could relate to everything you were mentioning from before, and even have some birthday photos from McDonald's. I appreciate the humor in your slice.