April 2, 2015

Weight Loss for Love?

A friend of mine, who happens to be a BEAUTIFUL plus-size Hollywood actress posted yesterday that she was asked if she had any interest in a casting for a new show called Weight Loss for Love.

Being that she refuses to participate in projects that depict overweight people as lazy, unhappy, unhealthy, and/or ugly (which, sadly, is the majority, she says), she DECLINED.

Because she doesn't need it. She's single because she CHOOSES to be single. Trust me when I tell you this woman is GORGEOUS and has men LINED UP to take her out and show her all sorts of affection. 

How do shows like this even get a green light? 

I hate that it perpetuates the idea that overweight people are UNDESERVING of love. This show tells women that they must alter their bodies to be more in line with these photoshopped beauty standards we're all inundated with daily if they want to be worthy of affection. 

The sad reality is that too many people (especially women) feel this way already. And I feel the producers are just exploiting these women. And they're making a mockery of love, if you ask me. 

And why? Are they that shallow? Are they not aware that a woman's worth is not determined by a number on a scale or BMI chart?

Because I don't know about you, but I see beautiful, curvy women around me every day (myself included) who DO have loving partners. Yet this show suggests that our men (or women as the case may be) are somehow lowering their standards by being with us. That's pretty offensive, not only to me, but to my boyfriend as well.

Because he happens to think I'm sexy exactly the way that I am. Not only does he tell me so, but he shows me every day.

And you know what? I wouldn't want to be with any guy who refused to love me unless I fit some sort of ideal body image. I want a man who will stick with me through thick and thin, physically and metaphorically.  

The size on my clothing labels DOES NOT DEFINE ME or my relationship!

So, if this stupid show does air, you better believe I will NOT be watching!

Shows like this, for one!

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  1. Agreed. A relationship dependent on physical appearance would be hard to maintain over time as people change in either direction or back and forth. My husband has pretty much stayed the same weight, but my weight has varied with pregnancies, my dissertation... My thoughts about my weight are more dependent on wanting to be healthy and make good decisions for myself, rather than necessary for love. I'm glad that your friend declined. It is good for them to hear that!