May 28, 2015

Yearbook Signing

I'm curious...

Do you have a typical message that you leave in students' yearbooks?

Year after year, I struggle with wanting to leave meaningful messages to my students, especially those with whom I feel a special bond, but there is always a line of students waiting. 

A simple signature feels too impersonal to me. 

My favorite, which I've used with my seventh graders since my first year teacher, has been 

"Stay Gold!" 

as a nod to The Outsiders, which we read together that year. 

My last group of students from my first teaching gig finished high school last week. I sent them a shout out on Instagram and used the hashtag #staygold. They loved it! And I love that they still have such fond memories of that novel and the activities we did in class!

Give me some new ones, guys! 

Yearbook signing makes my hand cramp!

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