June 4, 2015

I'm a Better Blogger in Summer

ETA: THIS LATE POST IS NOT MY FAULT! As you can clearly see from the writing below, I had my post ready to go on Monday... you know... the FIRST of the month. And then I spent half the day stalking Farley's site for the currently post until I gave up and went about my day. I promise it's not my fault this time. I was just too early! (This girl can never win!)

It's June first, which means I get to send a special birthday shoutout to my grandma...

Happy birthday, Grams! I love you!!

... and link up with Farley for this month's Currently. Look at me, on time too! (ETA: SHUT UP!)

Listening - To robins chirping in the trees outside my window. They seem to be the only ones not bothered by the cold front that moved in and killed our weekend plans! This is not the summer start I was envisioning!

Loving - Hanging out with our new neighbors. Everyone in our little strip has been super friendly, and I just LOVE having friends nearby!

Thinking - About the job interview I have on WEDNESDAY for a position next year in the school where I subbed (including the long-term) this past year. I want this job so badly, and it would be such a relief to not have to stress about applications and interviews for the rest of the summer! FINGERS CROSSED! ETA: The interview went well. I should hear back by Monday. Keep those fingers crossed for me! :)

Wanting - June 12 to get here already so I can watch the new season of Orange Is The New Black! Oh, go ahead and pretend that you don't also have the date blacked out on your calendar. Netflix will be overloaded for sure!

Needing - A haircut... except I just learned that my stylist left the salon where she's worked for 10+years. This wouldn't normally be an issue except that I have a hefty gift card to said salon sitting in my wallet, and now I don't know who to see! Cue anxiety!

Summer Lovin' - Sleeping in always tops my list of favorite things about summer, but my other favorite is that I have time to hang out with friends I rarely see. I have a lot of friends who are SAHM and can get together (or not) throughout the year. It's nice to finally be able to make plans WITH them, and not when they're rushed to get to the next weekend activity.


  1. Job interview?!?! How exciting!!! Fingers are crossed for you. I know how stressful that can be. I will be doing the same thing in December and that's not the easiest time of the year to get a job.

  2. No worries on being late to post- I am too :) Good luck with your interview- I couldn't image having to go through the stress of interviewing over and over again. I'll be reading some of your popular posts, the titles sound interesting.
    2 Smart Wenches