August 6, 2015

Chromebooks In My Classroom

I found out yesterday that I will have (at least... they ordered more over the summer, so we don't have new numbers yet) 10 Chromebooks in my classroom EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

I am soo excited! 

I can teach my students about blogging!

I can teach them that their stories MATTER and that their voices can be HEARD. If I've learned anything in my going-on 10 years of teaching experience it's that everyone wants to feel heard. What a great opportunity we have now!

I can give them PURPOSE and AUDIENCE for all their writing. 

I can show them the VALUE in articulation, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and being able to support their ideas. These things matter so much more when they know their writing will be published and available for commentary! 

So, while I also learned that we will undoubtedly run out of copy paper at some point and I will need to buy my own, I am SOOOOO EXCITED about these Chromebooks!!!!! 

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  1. What site do you use for blogging, I do a blogging unit in my web design class so curious.