August 5, 2015

My Classroom BEFORE

I did it! I finally remembered to snap some BEFORE photos of my new classroom for you. It's actually in much better shape than I first thought, thanks to a new paint job this summer. 


SO MUCH STORAGE! Like I don't even know what I'm going to do with all the storage! What a good problem to have, amirite?

Without further ado... my classroom:

This is my door, obvi. That white panel is on both sides and ugly ugly ugly. I literally just remembered that I bought some aqua contact paper, so I plan to cover it with that tomorrow. Hopefully. I love that little built in on the right. I threw my Sterilite drawers in there for now... not exactly sure how I'll use them yet. 

Just to the left of my door is this cabinet. It also locks. I think this is where I'll keep personal things like lady products and snacks and extra clothing for the days I have to sleep on a coworkers couch due to snow! :)

This is the wall to the right of my door. It's one big shelf with some bulletin boards and TONS of cabinets with shelves below. At the moment, they house my empty boxes because I have no idea what else to do with them. But they're nice, even if some of the doors are missing handles. 

This is the front of my room. That white board is a hot mess, even though you can't tell from the photo. It's all scratched up from years of use and has years-old tape residue all over it. I tried writing on it today, and nothing erased. This is where I plan to write my daily objectives... if I can get it in working condition. If anyone has tips in how to salvage this (should I just buy some dry erase paint and paint over it?), PLEASE SHARE! 

My desk area. Nothing really exciting here. But you can see my little window unit air conditioner. This shall be my lifesaver... no pun intended. The first thing I did was move my desk next to that baby. This girl does NOT enjoy being hot.

Same wall... as you can see, it's a giant window, which is great for natural light. And I'm super glad I get the morning sun instead of the afternoon because I'm told the classrooms across the hall get pretty toasty in the afternoons. 

And the back wall. I'm probably going to cover these white boards with posters because they're in the back of the room. I think I'll make this area my classroom library. It's kinda silly that I'm going to buy bookshelves when I have so much storage, but they really aren't good for books. I'm kinda hoping to get a futon or coach on Craigslist to put back here too (the room is plenty long enough) to make some comfy seating for my kiddos. 

Ok... that's all for now. I can't WAIT to turn this into the homey classroom I've been envisioning for weeks. If you have any suggestions for those white boards or how to use all that extra storage, please share!!


  1. There's a TV on a cart!! I didn't think those still existed.

  2. It's coming along!!! Can you just put fabric over that whiteboard and put objectives on magnets or something? You will figure it out. I think I hurt my back trying to move a computer desk today...UGH! I don't know why I don't just keep the same configuration that I always have!! #teacherproblems
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Oh wow, I love the clean slate feel :)

    I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  4. I can't wait to see what you do with the room! I have no idea how to salvage a white board- I would probably just hit up a Staples sale and buy a new one.
    Super jealous of all of your storage!

  5. Love the blank space feel, endless possibilities. I would either paint it with dry erase paint, or ask your janitor if they had any extras when cleaning out rooms. I have found its easier to get extra stuff when there are less teachers around. We have those built ins all over my school, some teachers use them as back pack holders, to keep the floors cleared. I bought big containers from Target and just labeled the cabinet and the boxes with supplies, so when we need headphones one student will just go to that cabinet and get out the boxes. Keeps my ocd in check since everything is always in a box, in a cabinet.

  6. You can get white board (96' x 48") for only $15.00 at Home Deport. Ask your school to replace your white board with a couple of these to fix and increase your writing space. They should be happy with such an inexpensive solution. You could also flip your classroom making the back the front if your tech connections don't limit you. I am envious of your storage. Best wishes for your new job!

  7. Smart move to have your desk by the AC! !