August 2, 2015

Sunday Letters

I know yesterday was the first and that I didn't link up for Currently. I also didn't open my laptop once, for the first time in WEEKS. Instead, we took Aniya for her first trip to the splash pad and had a blast in the beautiful weather. I took my first IG video, but I'm so sad it doesn't have any sound. Her shrieks of excitement were lost in the fact that I keep my phone on silent at all times. Lesson learned. Bur you can clearly still see her excitement!

For weeks now, I've been planning to go to school this whole week to setup my classroom. Little did I know, I'd receive an email Thursday afternoon inviting me to three days of induction meetings instead. Even though this makes me SUPER anxious, it's not really an option to skip these meetings and work on my classroom as planned.

So I came here to bitch about it and realized that Michelle was probably hosting Sunday Letters. Except that she's on a beach right now.

Apparently, none of my plans are working out this week! LOL I'm posting my letters anyway!


  1. Your letters are so cute on that little notepad! Sorry everything didn't work out! Hopefully next week everything *will! Xx 😎

  2. Good luck, Erin! I'm excited to hear about everything!!!

  3. Your letters...I love. I was shaking my head and muttering, "Yes...yes!" I'm glad you had a good day today. I'm sending good vibes your way!!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'