September 8, 2015

Show Me Your Papers

During my 5th period plan today, I went to the office to make a class set of assessments for this week. Upon arrival, I was informed by a secretary that we're out of copy paper for the week.

Out of copies?

For the week?

I smiled nicely and explained how desperately I needed to make these copies. There was no school yesterday. Today is our Monday. We were only half-way through the day at this point. We simply cannot be OUT of paper!

She then told me that the stash in the hall closet contains our entire inventory of copy paper through December, and we're already over our allotment for this week. Thankfully, she filled the copier for me anyway... SO I COULD DO MY JOB!

I know my school district is in financial distress, but this is RIDICULOUS! I shouldn't be dealing with no copy paper in September!

(We also had ZERO paper for the first week of school. None whatsoever. That made for an interesting start of the year.)

Save our schools!

*Don't judge me when you see "1 package of copy paper" on the school supply lists for next year!*