November 3, 2015

I Made a Big Mistake

Each year, when my students ask, as they invariably do, I tell them I am 29 years old. My Grams always says that when you find an age you like, you can stay there as long as you'd like. This is why she's been 105 for as long as I can remember!

The other week, though, I made a fatal error when I posted my actual birthdate as an example for how to login to our Chromebooks. Here is the conversation that followed:

Student 1: You said you were 29, right?
Me: I am!
Student 1: How can you be 29 if you were born in 1982?
Me: I just am.
Student 1: But wouldn't that make you 33?
Me: No, I'm 29. I'm sorry for your math!
Student 1: ...
Student 2: But that's impossible. You have to be 33!
Me: Again, I'm 29. I'll be sure to talk to your math teachers about your math though, because that really IS a problem.
Student 1: ...
Student 2: ...
Student 3: Look! I understand that you want to be younger than you are. But telling us you're 29 doesn't actually make you 29. It just makes you delusional!
Me: ...

And then we all laughed until I had tears running down my face.

They will NEVER let me live this one down!

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  1. I have been telling my students that I am 493 for many years. One day, one of the elementary kids asked if I met Lewis and Clark when they came through our area. I replied that indeed I had, but they were in a hurry so we didn't visit long.