Teacher Tips

This page serves as an index to my favorite Teaching Tips. From classroom setup and management ideas to creative and innovative lesson plans, here are some of the ideas that have worked for me in my middle school classrooms.

Behavior Management Ideas:
Special Attention
100 Chart
Rewarding Your Stars
Behavior Management Apps
Class Point Competition
Table Challenge
Brain Boosters
Sticky Note Behavior Charts

Classroom Management Ideas:
Writing Workshop
Hall Pass Punch Card
Hand Signals to Minimize Distractions
Second Chance Late Homework Management
Listening Passes
Numbering Your Students
CHAMPS Expectations
Color-Coded Binder Organization
Accountability with a Substitute

ELA Ideas:
Who I Am Poem
Reading Log Alternatives
Article of the Week
Free Reading Guides from Schmoop
Own-A-Word Vocabulary Instruction
A Christmas Carol Novel Study
How to Get Your Child/Students to Read
Twisted Sparkle - A Spelling Game with a Twist
Take-Off Poems, Part 1
Take-Off Poems, Part 2
Suspenseful Short Stories for Halloween
Protagonist/Antagonist/Foil Character Sort
Grammar Ninja
Interactive Grammar Checks
With and Without the Prefix: A Vocabulary Activity
Preparing for the Standardized Writing Assessment
Scholastic Magazines

Ideas for all Content Areas:
Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up
Own-A-Word Vocabulary Instruction
Collaboration with Color
Musical Chairs Review Game
Increase Student Participation with Showdown
Student Created SMART Goals
Reading Aloud with Fluency
Review Game: Bump!
Review Game: Bluff

Social Studies Ideas:
Hunters and Gatherers Activity
Greek Agora Activity
Causes of the American Revolution Journal and Discussion Activity
Scholastic Magazines
Chinese Dynasty Amusement Parks

Science Ideas:
Jelly Beans and The Dichotomous Key

Classroom Setup Ideas:
Rooted in Words Bulletin Board
Sweet Stories Bulletin Board
Paper Organization
Library Organizer
Student Book Recommendation Binder
Student Supply Center
The Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener
Keeping Classes Organized

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