November 3, 2015

I Made a Big Mistake

Each year, when my students ask, as they invariably do, I tell them I am 29 years old. My Grams always says that when you find an age you like, you can stay there as long as you'd like. This is why she's been 105 for as long as I can remember!

The other week, though, I made a fatal error when I posted my actual birthdate as an example for how to login to our Chromebooks. Here is the conversation that followed:

Student 1: You said you were 29, right?
Me: I am!
Student 1: How can you be 29 if you were born in 1982?
Me: I just am.
Student 1: But wouldn't that make you 33?
Me: No, I'm 29. I'm sorry for your math!
Student 1: ...
Student 2: But that's impossible. You have to be 33!
Me: Again, I'm 29. I'll be sure to talk to your math teachers about your math though, because that really IS a problem.
Student 1: ...
Student 2: ...
Student 3: Look! I understand that you want to be younger than you are. But telling us you're 29 doesn't actually make you 29. It just makes you delusional!
Me: ...

And then we all laughed until I had tears running down my face.

They will NEVER let me live this one down!

October 22, 2015

The Day I Broke

Hello friends! Remember me? I know I've been M.I.A. this year, but my excuse is valid. That new job I started? Yeah... I've been busy with that.

As it turns out, living 61 miles away from your job makes for some LONG days. 5:00 AM comes very early, and being gone from home for 13-15 hours each day means I've had to let some things go...


Thankfully, I have a super supportive boyfriend who has picked up my slack in all things around the house. Although he doesn't always prepare the healthiest meals, I do appreciate the fact that he always has something ready when I walk in the door. He gets major bonus points for doing the dishes most of the time too.

My house isn't in the best shape. The major disaster areas get cleaned on the weekends, but the detail cleaning has been mostly left undone. And we won't even talk about how much laundry we have to do on the weekends just to have something to wear for the following week.

I'm still firmly in the "I love my job!" phase, even though we're deep into DEVOLSON right now. My kids have completely taken over my heart, and although I'm exhausted, they're worth it... most of the time.

Today, though, I broke.
I reached my limit.
I reminded myself that I'm not superwoman and cannot do it all.

I feel like I've been running on pure adrenaline since August 3rd. In that time, I've taken on quite a few new things:

  • Implementing a new ELA curriculum
  • Developing a curriculum for my reading intervention classes
  • Being appointed PLC lead
  • Becoming cheerleading coach 
  • Volunteering to start a spirit squad
  • Starting two fundraisers
  • Attending a two-day conference last week/weekend
I know that it was bound to happen, but today, the stress (because as my mother likes to remind me, even good stress is stress) got to me. On this, the day before quarter one grades are due, I sat in my classroom with about 20 students who finally decided to retake some test they failed this quarter. You know... the ones I've been encouraging since August. 

You know that saying, "Poor planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on mine!"? Yeah... I guarantee that wasn't said by a teacher.

Trying to manage 5 different tests while I sneak in my own lunch had me frazzled by the time 6th period began. And it was then that I discovered yet ANOTHER new student due to this week's schedule changes. This makes 7 new students in this one class. SEVEN. This was already my most challenging behavioral class, and today's change was the straw that broke the camel's back. 

My the time the period ended, my frustration had peaked and tears were building behind my eyes. I found my work BFF during the passing period and told her in a cracking voice that I was about to cry. Being the amazing friend she is, she volunteered to leave her co-taught class to give me 5 minutes to cry it out and regroup. Because of her, I was able to release some of that frustration and pull myself together for a great 7th period. 

Tomorrow will be better!

September 8, 2015

Show Me Your Papers

During my 5th period plan today, I went to the office to make a class set of assessments for this week. Upon arrival, I was informed by a secretary that we're out of copy paper for the week.

Out of copies?

For the week?

I smiled nicely and explained how desperately I needed to make these copies. There was no school yesterday. Today is our Monday. We were only half-way through the day at this point. We simply cannot be OUT of paper!

She then told me that the stash in the hall closet contains our entire inventory of copy paper through December, and we're already over our allotment for this week. Thankfully, she filled the copier for me anyway... SO I COULD DO MY JOB!

I know my school district is in financial distress, but this is RIDICULOUS! I shouldn't be dealing with no copy paper in September!

(We also had ZERO paper for the first week of school. None whatsoever. That made for an interesting start of the year.)

Save our schools!

*Don't judge me when you see "1 package of copy paper" on the school supply lists for next year!*