September 17, 2014

A New Gig

After work yesterday, I started my new tutoring gig with a family I met through an online tutoring list for the district I worked in last year. This is the first time anyone has ever contacted me from this list, and I honestly thought it was a waste of time to even add my name. It's kinda ironic that I get called now, after I'm no longer employed by them, but I was happy to accept the job!

I met with this 5th grade boy at the public library where he showed me all the things he's been learning in his classes, we re-did his math homework (I think we have a rushing problem here), and talked about what he likes to read. Then, because we had some extra time in our one-hour session, I introduced him to mad libs, which we did to review some parts of speech. He LOVED them!

At the end of our session, when his mom and sister came to pick him up, he asked if he could get tutoring again today. They reminded him we are meeting again Thursday, but that wasn't good enough for him.

"But we have homework every day!" he pleaded.

Too cute! I'm glad he had fun with me, and I'm confident I even taught him some new things. This little guy has personality for DAYS, and I just adore him already. 

Best part of the session, though? Two of my former students from last year happened to be in the library (which is exciting enough right there) and spotted me working at the table. They knew I was busy but couldn't resist calling my name and coming over to give me a hug and tell me how much they miss me.


Completely unrelated: The rental market in the Chicagoland area has become cutthroat! Not only have the prices increased dramatically since I last rented here ($300 increase for the exact same property in 3 years), but the houses that pop up are often rented within 24 hours. We were supposed to meet our Realtor again today, but she just texted me to tell me the house we wanted to see was rented last night. I don't know how I can compete with this market when I have a job!! I don't have a choice but to keep looking, but this quick turnaround makes me anxious!


  1. Awe. How cute.

    I've considered doing summer and evening tutoring, but I'm still not one hundred percent sold on the idea.

  2. How sweet! I'm glad you had fun with your new little friend AND had the bonus spotting of some old favorites. :) You're so right about properties around here. It's insane.

  3. I'm glad you have had such a positive experience with your tutee! Hope it continues to go well. Maybe you could have a "stunt-double" to find a place for you that can jump on those places while you're at work. :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle