March 28, 2015

SOL 28: Tiny Traitor

Joel and I babysat our niece, Aniya, today while his sister was at work.

My first day of spring break started ENTIRELY too early. For some reason, toddlers don't get the memo about sleeping in on Saturdays.

And then...

Despite the fact that she is normally MY sidekick, this little girl decided today that she was going to be ALL ABOUT Joel.

I felt like chopped liver!

The one thing I WAS allowed to do today (besides be the official diaper changer) was help her make some artwork for our refrigerator. If you know me, you understand that this was a HUGE step for me because I HATE CLUTTER. I;m usually 100% opposed to anything on the refrigerator because I think it looks messy.

But that's how much I love this little girl!

The rest of the day, she was pretty much glued to Joel's side. She even had to go on a "walk" with him down to the mailbox because GOD FORBID he walk outside without her!

We took her to a salad bar for lunch. I thought I was doing such a good thing by putting a little bit of SO MANY COLORS on her plate. She ate my croutons instead.

And then we came home for "nap" time, which meant snuggle time with Uncle Joel while we desperately tried and failed to get her to take a nap!

I know I will be sleeping like a baby tonight!


  1. Awe...such sweet moments between a niece and her uncle. I know the feeling of chopped liver though because my niece treats me the same way, only all the time. My husband is somehow her favorite even though he doesn't dote all over her, Maybe that's the point - she doesn't want me in her face constantly calling her name...but I just love her! I like the pics - they added so much to your story. Have a good night's rest!

  2. My favorite picture was of them walking together. Did you ever think, well I'll just go back to sleep if it's all about Uncle Joel today? Ha ha. It sounds like she had a great day with both of you and am glad that she was able to spend the day creating special memories. I hope you slept well!